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We know you are busy and have a company to run. Let us help get you the insights you need to make decisions.


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rmdatasolutions has decades of data and analytics. Your business is not a cookie cutter and your solutions should not be. The answer is not to hire more analysts but to automate routine processes and spend more time acting on data and insights.

We have experience with large fortune 100 CPG companies doing category analysis all the way down to the privately held company growing 200-300% year over year. Your business is unique and deserves someone to treat it as such

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Change is right in front of you. Embrace it and see how things can be better moving with the flow rather that fighting change.

Our company was started in a garage and we liked the laid-back attitude and can-do spirit that developed from that culture. We weren’t willing to give that up and wear suits and ties every day, and if it meant that we had to stay a small player in the market, so be it. NPT changed our game up.